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Hello Tomato, Hello Brinjal! | Poem| Bookosmia

Here is a creative poem by 8 year old Ruhan Madaan from Delhi, dedicated to two unsuspecting veggies- Tomato and Brinjal. I loved the yummy theme, what about you?

tomato brinjal poem for kids bookosmia

Plants are waiting, it’s time to sow
And wait patiently, they will grow.
You can sow Brinjal and Tomato
As they taste delicious with potato.


This beautiful couple has tiny seeds
Be attentive and don’t be puzzled by the weeds.
Both are blessed with a star shaped flower
Never forget to water them with a jar.


Leaves are serrated ones
They appear on the plant in tons.
When the flowers are wilted and blown
We can relish the fruits that have grown.


So friends, don’t worry about the scorching heat
And be mindful of trees cut, to make paper or sheet.

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