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Rishita Khemka

10 Years

53 Years

Greenwood High International School


Birthday Gift: Tree House Stay| Poem by Rishita,10,Bangalore

10 year-old Rishita from Bangalore writes a quaint little poem about her tree-house adventure on her birthday.

tree house poem kids bookosmia

The tree-house adventure was a birthday gift to me,

I loved it because in the evening I watched the sunset while in the morning my parents had tea.


It was high above the ground with everything we’d ever need,

As the first person in the tree-house, I was in the lead.


The tree-house was humongous and had rooms for all,

The rooms were separated by hanging bridges that wouldn’t fall.


In this glorious tree-house we stayed for a day,

And after that we were gone at the sun’s first ray!

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