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Birthday Gift – The crystal ball and the treasure hunt

bday gift kid bookosmia

When I woke up on my birthday, I was shocked to see a strange lady sitting on my bedside table.

bday gift kid bookosmia

She had tattoos on her cheeks. They were pretty star tattoos. She had a purple face and a matching dress. She wore a lot of jewelry and makeup. Her lip color was brown and her eyeshadow was yellow. She had pink nail polish and was very thin. There was a big neatly wrapped box in her hand. She wished me a happy birthday and disappeared.

I wondered who was this lady and where did she go? Before opening the present, I thought would it be poison or some kind of dangerous thing?

As I opened the present,  I saw a crystal ball which predicted the future.

crystal ball story kids

I was so excited to see if it worked. I tapped the ball and it showed that we were moving to Spain.

I was thrilled to know that we may be moving to a new country. Then I tapped the ball once more it showed that there was a map to find a treasure chest. I saw that this map is at our house in my grandmother’s closet as she was a part of a national treasure team when she was young.

bday gift story bookosmia

I decided to find that treasure chest. I packed all my stuff and went to find the treasure in the forest.

It was difficult finding the treasure. It was night and I could see dark shadows everywhere, I was afraid of the dark but I didn’t give up. I heard many sounds and it was very cold out there too.

Then I checked the map and the treasure was nearby. I saw everywhere and I found the treasure after a lot of struggle.

bday gift stories

There was a riddle written on the treasure chest. It was – What goes up but never comes down? I knew the answer was age so I said age loudly to the treasure chest and it opened! There were hundreds of gold coins in it. I decided to keep this crystal ball to myself.

mystery chest story

In the end, my grandmother told me that she was the one who gave me this gift. That strange lady was her! She wanted me to find the treasure chest and I did. I thanked my grandmother.


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