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Nicco Park-My Best Day| Blog by Rishit,11,Kolkata

If you were to imagine the best day you could possibly have, what would it include? 11-year old Rishit from Kolkata writes about a day at Nicco Park he enjoyed as a 4-year-old.

Nicco Park Kolkata kids blog

My Best Day : Nicco park

Everyone has imagined, at some point of time, what it would be like to have the best day they have ever had. I too had imagined such a day, and to my good luck I was able to live it when I was around 4 years old. I still remember vividly the events of that day.

I had got up before everyone else and decided to complete my studies. When my mother woke up, she was very surprised to see that I had completed my work early in the morning. She decided to reward me, and announced that the entire family would be going to Nicco Park that day.  I invited some of my friends over for a fun day at my favourite amusement park.

I enjoyed all the exciting rides and played some very interesting games with my friends.  We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. After a sumptuous meal at McDonald’s we decided to jump into the small swimming pool, full of waves, at the amusement park. We spent two hours splashing and playing in the water. In the evening, as the day came to an end, my friends departed one by one.

A tinge of sadness crept over me when I realised that the day had come to an end. But overall, I was extremely happy to spend a perfect play day with my favorite people in the world!

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