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Back To School – Waiting For Online School To End

Back to school - Waiting for online school to end




If you are a student like me learning in school and college, you will forever remember the moment you heard that your schools or your colleges were going to be closed due to the pandemic of Covid-19.


At first, it felt like a blessing in disguise but eventually, it has come to feel like being locked up in jail. Now as the news trickles in about

schools going to open sporadically with some safety measures, the day we have waited for has come.


I can’t wait to meet my buddies and my jovial teachers after a long time in addition to this, I would be seeing my school play ground with the lush grass and the exquisite flowers. I would run agilely as if have won billions! Oh yes, the day has come to sit in class and to interact, mock, tease, be naughty and to interrupt the teachers for no reason.


Back to school - Waiting for online school to end


The day has come to go to the principal sir’s room, to roam and bunk classes! One thing’s not fun- exams would now be offline again!

 But yes, keeping all jokes aside truly it would be a great pleasure to meet our friends and teachers after such a long time.

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