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Neerja Bhanot – My Inspiration

NEERJA BHANOT - My inspiration

NEERJA BHANOT - My inspiration


The person who inspires me the most,
about whom I am very engrossed.
She is a civilian but an inspiration,
who has done a great job for the nation.

She was not afraid of the hijackers ,
when the Pan Am flight 73 was hijacked.
She soon alerted the pilots ,
to escape from the riot in the flight.

She showed her bravery to save lives
which led her to lose her own life.
Though she could be the first to revive,
but she wanted others to survive.

For her bravery she was awarded,
the Ashoka Chakra award.
She is still present in our hearts,
she is Neerja Bhanot.


NEERJA BHANOT - My inspiration

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