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Is India ready for permanent online education? | Essay

online education ? Bookosmia

Post covid – Is India is ready for permanent online education?

online education ? Bookosmia


What if you could go to your dream institute like Harvard Business School, from your home in India?

Yes, it is quite possible with the help of online education system.

Do you know a Google report says that 300 million students and 1.4 million schools are availing of online education? So, today I will share my views on online education and how it is beneficial for us to improve our skills and expand our education choice option.

Our learning pattern has changed post covid and this online platform of learning has given us so much flexibility. We are able to learn whatever we want to without leaving our home, students can work on their own schedule and this is helping students who are not capable of enrolling in a traditional classroom course.
Online School? Bookosmia
India has become no.1 in education Apps for kids in any grade like Vedantu, Byjus, Cuemath etc which is helping us to be technically at power with other students around the world.

Online education has made our education easier, cheaper and improves our skills. Therefore, location, time and quality are no longer factors for education but we only need passion for learning and the right online search will lead us to the right path.

Though do remember, you need to take care of screen time and spend adequate time with your family and friends.

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