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Online Learning – School Isn’t The Same Anymore | Bookosmia

Online learning - School isn’t the same anymore

I was perched on a part ottoman part chair

Rummaging in the closet to find what to wear

It was a downright nightmare


Oblivious to my tardiness; but that’s still late

Jolting across the domicile how I hate

Apprising that I would be late for school to my mate


Pining and whining for the weekend more than anything else

When the blinding sun arises and the gloomy, twinkled night melts

Ugh, might only rouse with a blaring fire alarm and a water balloon machine that pelts


Its indifferent everyday

How do I resolve this? Ah, there’s no way

Jostle me to rise somehow, I pray


Prior to this crazy clutter, it was so jovial and fun

In the now-monotonous school with everyone

In the spine-chilling cold of the AC and the searing Sun


Nevertheless, now zilch is left

Since the time has gladly crept

As we brave the nature’s quest


Nonetheless, pretty soon everything will be quite the same

No more will classes be lame

And we will roister with elan once again.


Online learning - School isn’t the same anymore



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