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All For A Rose Milkshake | Adventure Story by Parvathi,7,Bangalore

How far would you go to get the ingredients of the perfect milkshake? 7 year old Parvathi Kottapurath, a Bookosmian from Bangalore spins a delicious tale

Adventure - All for a Rose milkshake

Once there lived a lizard named Rose. She loved recipes made out of roses. One day she wanted to make rose milkshake. But she didn’t have any roses. So, she decided to look for rose petals in an area called the Lane of Mysteries.

Suddenly, a sad hedgehog came to her and said “Oh please help us.We want some mysteries.”

Rose looked very confused and asked the hedgehog, “What do you mean by mysteries?”


Adventure - All for a Rose milkshake


The hedgehog told her that in order to keep the lane of mysteries alive they needed more mysteries as they are running out of mysteries. And that’s when Rose said, “Oh I have a mystery for you. I need some rose petals.”


The hedgehog thought that was not a mystery and asked her to go to the Lane of Helping to get the petals.


Rose thanked him and went there. When she reached there, she found lots of beautiful and fresh rose petals but she wondered if she had to ask permission before plucking any petals. That’s when she found the owner of the rose garden, a butterfly named Buttercup. Rose politely asked Buttercup, “Can I please pluck some rose petals from your garden?”


Adventure - All for a Rose milkshake


Buttercup asked her why did she want the petals and when she came to know that Rose needed it to make milkshake, she very happily agreed and gave her lots of rose petals.

Now Rose happily went to her home and made her favourite rose milkshake and filled her tummy and her heart.

Her sister came crying that she lost her ring. That was a mystery! She couldn’t wait to go back to the Lane of Mysteries and tell the Hedgehog about it!

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