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Art with Sara #4- “I love art because I love decorating,” says Kiyan,5,Dallas

Art with Sara young artist Kiyan Dallas Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my colourful ‘Art with Sara’ section. Here I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’

Art with Sara Kiyan Dallas Bookosmia

Here is a lively write up from Kiyan Mahajan from Dallas, all of 5 years and the youngest artist I have seen!  Kiyan was a participant at MeMeraki’s brilliant folk art  workshops, sharing a write up as lively as he is.




I love art because I like to decorate. I feel very happy when I complete my art so we can decorate our home with my art.

Also, I love doing activities with art. I like using highlighters, pencils, crayons, markers and paint brushes to draw and color my art.

Art with Sara Kiyan Dallas Bookosmia

I liked Madhubani, Cheriyal scroll and Pichwai art workshops. I also love doing abstract art because I can draw whatever I want and use my imagination.

Sometimes my art tells a story – like once I made an art about pillows jumping up and down. I will continue working on art so I can get better at my art forms.

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