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Art With Sara Series #7- “Art helped me drive away the boredom of lockdown,” says Atharv, 6 years, Nagpur

Sara's Art activities with young artist Atharv Nagpur Bookosmia

Hello young artists, your friend Sara here. In my colourful ‘Art with Sara’  section, I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’

Art with Sara young artist Atharv Nagpur Bookosmia


Here is 6 year old Atharv Tiwari of DPS Nagpur talking about how art helped him break the monotony of lockdown life, as he churned out his wonderful creations.





Art and craft is to draw pictures and make things using our hands. During  lockdown, I was getting a little bored so my mother guided me to draw  pictures and fill them with colours. In the beginning, I was wondering how to  draw interesting pictures. Then, my mother showed me the drawing book  where I used to draw pictures with the help of alphabets and numbers.

It truly helped me and I  began enjoying my drawing with different colours. In the month of April, my online school classes started. My class teacher guided all of us to make craft items with the help of different pictures by following step by step instructions. My few art and craft activities which gave me new learning in my life.

During my online classes, I made Piggy Bank which helped me to save money. Then I made Five Animal Puppets-I made this using paper, drew animals and  pasted it on a finger shaped paper made by me and I also wrote story on it, named ‘The Clever Elephant.’

Sara's Art activities with young artist Atharv Nagpur Bookosmia

I also made Day and Night-I enjoyed painting this a lot and learnt that  there are different phases of moon like half moon and full moon. My concentration is improving because of doing art and craft activities.

My drawing to respect Corona Warriors was liked by my family and class  teacher. I drew beautiful drawing for my class teacher because teachers are  like God. I love doing art and craft activities. I am thankful to my mother and class teacher as they helped me and kept me busy during these lockdown

#SaraReads stories for kids from young authors Nagpur Bookosmia

Almost all my art and craft work was done by using waste things of home. Art and craft activity had made me little creative and expressive. It’s the best way to keep oneself happy and busy. I enjoy colouring and painting.

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