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Read with Sara: Essay- All things around us are smelly!

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Aadi Jain Kolkata Bookosmia

I am Aadi.

I have a little nose which tells me all the things around us are smelly!!! It also tells me if the smell is pleasant or unpleasant. Pleasant smell is  what makes me feel good and unpleasant smell makes me feel ….not good at all.


My favourite smell is the smell of cheese ,the smell of  pizza and  the smell of  pop corn. They make me feel hungry.


I also like the smell of the perfume daddy puts on his shirt.


The bee likes the smell of mangoes .It came to my house smelling it.


The gas balloon looks so pretty but the  smell makes me sad.


Mumma says when I forget to bath my body doesn’t smells good at all. My  Ma’am told me to remember one thing, that we should wash the things before we smell it.

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