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Word Activities with Sara #8 Idiom Story- Nicky is behaving strangely, “Out of the blue?”

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Hello friends, Sara here and I am back with an Idiom story, like none other! A story about two best friends who bust a lot of stereotypes, a boy who cares for his friend and a girl who is excellent at playing cricket! Read this brilliant idiom tale by 10 year old Aadita  of Little Readers Nook Mumbai.

Wait, what is an idiom? An idiom is a phrase which does not have the same meaning as its literal meaning. This awesome story will showcase it for the idiom “out of the blue.”


Sunny and Nicky are best friends. They grew up together and love to play cricket. Sunny is three years older to Nicky. As time went by, they practiced a lot. Soon they were the best players in the team and won every single match.


Suddenly, out of the blue, Nicky started playing as if she was the worst player of the team. She missed every single shot and seemed like she was in trouble. Finally, one day Sunny came over to her house and asked what had happened. Nicky said she didnt know. The next day, Sunny figured out that Nicky was not able to see the ball properly and only needed glasses.


Sunny rushed over to Nicky’s house and told her to buy a pair of glasses. After the eye doctor confirmed, Nicky got new glasses and went back to being an excellent player of the game.


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