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#SaraReads Essay-If I could be someone for a day, I would be the Head of Gucci!

Sara reads stories for kids by Krisha Surat Bookosmia

If I could choose, I would love to be the boss of of the world’s best fashion brand – Gucci for a day. Here is how I imagine my days would be like.

As the day started, I woke up early and stepped into my gold plated shoes and went to check my daily calendar. I saw that that a famous publishing house was going to come to my mansion at 10.30 am to interview me for a book on  my journey. Phew! I didn’t want to miss my breakfast.


The next event on my planner brought a smile to my face, as today was the  award for ‘Fashion Icon of the year’ and I was nominated for it.  I still had to  give some finishing touches to the outfit I was going to wear tonight at the  event. I showered and had my breakfast, where I had some English tea and  some fruits. My bodyguard then said,” Sir, it’s already 10.30 am.” After five minutes the publishing house arrived at my mansion.


The first questioned they asked me was, “How is the venture Gucci going on.” I  replied, ”It’s going fantastic. It is mostly a shop for rich people.” Then they  asked me where and when it was started. I said it was born on 26 of March 1881 in Tuscany, the kingdom of Italy. Then we talked over lunch where I  shared my life’s journey and some stories that can be published in my book. We also  agreed on the next appointment for the interview of the second part  of the  book and soon the publishers left.


Then one of my good friend Steve Jobs, owner of the Apple brand called me  and said all the best for my nomination in the Fashion Awards. I said, “Thanks my friend.’’ Then we talked some more about our projects Apple and Gucci. I  then headed to the studio and made the final touches to my suit for the evening for the awards function. I took a small stroll on my balcony and then relaxed for a few minutes.


After sometime it was evening and it was time for  the  Fashion Awards. Hooray! I said in my mind. Then I wore my outfit and left in my Buggati La Vouiture Noire. I won the Fashion Icon award for the year. I was very overjoyed! I had always wanting to win this award.

When the day ended, I was very tired. All around me I could see cameras,  beautiful looking people, riches. It all looks so good on tv but the truth is all I wanted to do was be home, comfortable in regular clothes and sleep. With the trophy beside me!

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