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Kyna Gilani

5 Years

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#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#27- Oorja in the enchanted forest

Hello little ones, Sara here. Our Tangram stories  are usually about living through our favourite dreams, isnt it? Hehe. 5 year old Kyna Gilani of Little Readers Nook, Gurgaon for this  magical mystery ride.



Oorja in the Enchanted Forest

Once there was a little girl called Oorja. She used to stay in castle with her  Mamma and Papa. Castle’s name was Sunset. Every year on her birthday she  used to visit the enchanted forest.


On her 6th birthday she was walking in her favourite forest, when she felt as if  someone was following her. But when she turned around she didn’t see  anyone. She kept walking and took out an apple to eat. Suddenly at that moment someone took the apple away from her.


She heard a voice that was a Unicorn’s. Unicorn told Oorja that he becomes  transparent when there are people around him but now wanted his colours  back. So Oorja asked him how she could help him get his colours back.


Unicorn asked Oorja if she could make colors and give him yellow colors for the mane and tail. So Oorja took bluebird and sunflower and mixed them and used them to color the tail and mane. Now Unicorn wanted pink color for the body – Oorja mixed red and white roses to make pink color and then coloured Unicorn’s body. Then unicorn said but how will I become my usual shiny self.


So Oorja took took some shine from the sun and gave to unicorn.

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