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Art With Sara #1- “Sometimes my art tells a story,” says Khushee Desai,9 years, San Jose

Art with Sara young artist Khushee San Jose

Hello lovely people, Sara here. I am so excited to launch our ‘Art with Sara’ section and publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’


Art with Sara Khushee San Jose Bookosmia

Here is 9 year old Khushee Desai from San Jose, California, a participant at MeMeraki’s folk art workshops, sharing a vibrant write up on what runs in the mind of a young artist.




My mom had found out about folk art workshops online. She had me try one and I started to like them. So I continued and now I have done many styles. I have been interested in art since I was about three years old.
Art with Sara San Jose California Bookoosmia
I choose a subject in my artwork based on things around me and things from  my past. When creating an artwork, its hard to think of a topic and then represent it with things. While working on it is so much fun, to play around with the colors and to draw the designs.Finally finishing is the best part because I get to hang them on the walls of my house.
Art with Sara Khushee San Jose Bookosmia
Sometimes my art tells a story but most times it doesn’t what can it be.  I once  created an art based on Harry Potter and was trying to portray myself in the  school of Hogwarts and the sorting hat was sorting me into a house and it screamed Gryffindor!! And it had all the characters of Harry Potter that I liked. And I added patterns I learnt in the workshop in my painting.

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