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Do you fit in? | Poem | Bullying

Here is a brilliant poem by 16 year old Ishita from Jaipur, asking loud and clear to those bully and name call, are you wanted by this society?

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Poem-Do you fit in?
We live in a society ruled by labels
Myriad of labels that judge,
Labels causing the categorical smudge,
Formed by a society I certainly don’t believe in much
But yes, they definitely do misjudge.
Coal or snow? Said one tag,
But why not wheat or any other colour of the mixed bag?
Racists say blacks don’t fit
But dear racists, do you? Even a bit?
Nirbhaya,Asifa and now even Priyanka’s name;
We’re all well aware of the same
But what’s the matter of shame,
Is the reason behind their fame?
Because citizens just raise voices saying victims don’t fit,
But rapists? Do they? Even a bit?
Too tall,too short
Being lean or having gained a lot,
We’re all humans, as it is!
Bodyshamers say some people don’t fit
But do they? Even a bit?
Fancy things, shiny rings
Materialistic things or even a super rich next of kin,
Antipodal, That’s all you need to “Fit in”.
To this society who says misfits don’t fit,
I would like to ask, do you? Even a bit?

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