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The Mind Of A Bully| Blog by 12 year old

Let’s hear a bully’s side of story with a fantastic message – never hesitate to ask for help from parents or teachers, written by 12 year old Gurbani.

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It was not long ago when Jake, a 13 year old boy, used to bully people. Jennie, Jake’s older sister, asked him several times to not bully others but Jake would never listen to her.

Now you must be wondering why I said not long ago. Well, let’s go into a flashback.

One day a new girl Lisa walked towards Jake.

“Hi! Could you help me get to room 354?” Jake was distracted thinking of ways to tease people. Then he snapped back to reality. After walking some time they reached the room. Lisa thanked Jake and went into her class. It was sports time.

Jake saw Lisa walking towards the cricket nets.

“Ooooo! Is she also in cricket? It’s going to be super easy to bully her now,” he thought.

Jake grabbed her bag and pulled her hair. “AAAAAHHHHH! OOWWWW!” Lisa screamed in pain, while Jake did what he usually did, laughed and walked away. This continued for sometime, so Lisa asked his sister Jennie to help her out. Jennie and Lisa had become very close friends since the time Lisa joined. Later that evening when the both of them were walking, Jake came to do his usual routine when he saw Jennie with Lisa. “Oh no! Now if I go to bully Lisa, Jennie will give me a whole lecture when we get home.”

One day he saw Lisa alone and pulled her hair but he didn’t notice that Jennie was right behind.

Later, at home, Jennie asked Jake politely ”Why do you bully others?” Jake was pretty surprised by the way Jennie talked to him. Then he slowly revealed his side of the story. He had been bullied by kids older to him. They made him think he was weak which made Jake insecure about himself. He decided to act like this so that he could prove others that he was not weak.

Jennie heard his story, understood it, and felt empathetic.  “You should have told this to our parents, teachers or at least me. We could have helped you. Always reach out for help when you are hurting. Also know that bullying is not the solution to prove that you are strong, it just makes people think that you are a bad person, which I know you’re not. When you are a bully, you’ll never find true friends.”

Jake thought about what Jennie said over the night. The next day he went and apologized to everyone he had ever bullied including Lisa.

Everyone was shocked but they forgave him. He thanked them for being so kind towards him.

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  1. Excellent creativity and Thoughtful Mind . Keep inspiring others through yours pursuit of Creative and a beautiful Mind .keep it up

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