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Where I am from| Poem by 14 year old from Kolkata

Where are you from? 14 year old Saanvi has us floored with her answer.

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I am from sunsets, vinyls and city lights

A star gazer, dreaming of things beyond my sight

Leaving a whiff of lavender everytime

In little black dresses dancing through the night


I am from the earthy smell of fresh printed hardcovers

Discovering beautiful paths, getting lost on my way

Listening to seawaves crashing on beaches in summers

A plane ticket to an adventure in hand, a wanderer, a dreamer


I am from passing chits from the last bench in class

An infectious laugh, a dramatic flair

Quoting dialogues from movies, mimicking friends

A wild-child with long jet black hair


I am from jumping off cliffs and rollercoaster rides

Partying with loud music at night

To the small café down the street

Just me with my book, peace and quiet


I am from the hues of blue in the sky

From my parents’ joy , my nieces’ laugh

The lens of the dusty old camera on my shelf

Capturing memories as a photograph


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