Chhavi Shaambhavyi

9 Years

DPS, East of Kailash

New Delhi

Best Friends Forever? Story by 9 year old from Delhi

Best Friends Forever! 9 year old Chhavi brings to us a warm tale on friendship.

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A long time ago in Dehradun, there was a jungle named Ramnagar. A monkey named Kairab lived there. He was funny, friendly, kind and very mischievous.

One day, he was sitting on a mango tree. He was eating a mango which was very sweet and ripe.  Beside him, there was a river. The colourful fishes in the river were playing jumping around.

The sun was bright and shining. He was having a lovely day but there was nobody to play with him. He was jumping here and there. After eating mangos, he started to get bored. He wanted to make friends but nobody played with him in his jungle. He was very naughty and every animal in the jungle was annoyed with him. He got an amazing idea.

He thought that he could go to city zoo and make new friends. The city zoo was very far. He had a map of the zoo. He snatched the map from the tourist who came to jungle on safari. He made a map in his mind. He had to go north from the river and then turn east. He had to climb many trees. He was hurt with thorns. While travelling heavy fruits fell on his head. He also fell down but his determination to make new friends was very high.

Finally, he reached   in the zoo. He felt that he had achieved everything and there was a feeling of great relief. He was too excited. On the gate he saw a human checking the tickets of visitors. Still, he had to go ahead. He had to make friends. He thought that no matter what happens he will go inside. He went inside by climbing tree. He saw some cages. On the side of the cages, there was a board with animal`s name.

He approached to tiger`s cage and went inside. In jungle he was afraid of the tiger but here in the cage, when he saw the tiger, he felt pity for him. He wanted to make him free. He wanted to play with the tiger and flaunt his new friend to another animals. He made a plan but the plan was not easy.

The manager of the zoo could catch him as well. He waited till 6 pm, the time of closing of zoo. He hid at the top of the tree, near the den of the tiger. He waited for everybody to go back to their home. When there was complete darkness then he came out quietly.  The neighbouring animals started shouting, especially zebra and dolphin. He went to their cages and made everyone aware of his plans.

He slowly went to the guard’s room, where he was eating his dinner very slowly because he was watching TV. The monkey was crying with hunger, but he was determined to make the tiger free. He waited till the guard slept. He slowly crawled and went near him and took the keys of the tiger’s cage. He ran there and opened the tiger’s gate.

The tiger came out, he was standing in front of monkey. He was roaring and the monkey was getting afraid. The tiger came closer and he was very hungry. Kairab couldn’t speak out of fear but the tiger gave him thankful look.

A friend at last for Kairab!

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