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Bullying is not cool. Stop it!| Poem | Bookosmia

Bullying is not ok, writes 13 year old Nishani Kar, a Bookosmian from Kolkata in this powerful poem. What do you feel?

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You may think you’re cool by calling me names

And you may think I’m hurting inside,

You may even choose to get nasty

But do you really think I’m going to hide?

Lots of people look up to you.

They’re scared if they don’t, you’ll turn sour

I bet half of them think you’re a bully,

But when you speak they just cower.

My only question is only why? Just why?

Why do you make innocent little kids sad?

There’s no reason to hurt, not even a tad.

Then why do you tease those who are shy?

You’re not only a bully, but a coward

Who is jealous of people around you.

Am I really as bad as you make me feel,

Or someone that you want to be?

Bully Bookosmia

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