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Everyone should be treated justly | Story by 10 year old from Bareilly

Today in honour of World Justice Day, this inspiring story by 10 year old Aaiza from Bareilly. Yes, big ideas like justice and equality can be executed by little ones too!

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Once upon a time not so long ago, there was a girl named Ameerah. She was a chirpy 12 year old who had a wheatish complexion and kohl black hair which  tumbled over her shoulders. Her eyes were a dark chocolate with a million  dreams  as bright and high as the rainbow.
Her mother worked for Mrs. Rekha who was a girl rights activist. Mrs. Rekha  used to teach Ameerah at home. She knew Ameerah was very intelligent. She learned everything very quickly. But, she lived in a society where there was no gender equality. The boys went to school and the girls could not. The boys  could wear anything and go anywhere and, the girls had to wear  uncomfortable suits and sarees and were restricted to their homes.
Ameerah  despised this and was against it all. After 2 years of seeing all this,  she started teaching all her society girls. They would study in the garage once  their parents went to work. Ameerah would call the girls by telling anyone who  was at home, that they were going to work as a domestic help. She would  teach anyone and everyone, from the daughters of the maids to the  secretary’s girls. Ameerah would teach them meticulously.
When anybody would come to the parking, Ameerah and the girls would hide behind the cars. After around two years, someone saw Ameerah and her girls and her secret was out. It was the guard. He went to the secretary and told him everything. The secretary told the parents what was going on.The cat was out of the bag now.
When Ameerah heard this she knew she and her girls were in trouble. So that  very night when everyone was sleeping, Ameerah collected the girls through  the back window of each house (because the girls had to sleep in the kitchen) and with her mother’s help ran away to Mrs. Rekha’s house. They ran for half an hour and finally reached her. They were shaking with fear.
Ameerah told Mrs.Rekha everything. She asked every girl  their parent’s name  and lodged a complaint against them. The next day the police came and  reprimanded their parents. After going through all this Ameerah along with  Mrs. Rekha, set up her society as a Girls Welfare Community (GFC).
The girls who came there were treated well. After some more time, Ameerah was married to a very supportive husband, and they kept helping many more girls through their organisation .Soon Ameerah’s GFC became a global name and she was felicitated with many awards.
She had led her life with one mission- Everyone is equal and everyone should be treated justly.

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  1. Woww!! A 10 year old with such deep thoughts on justice and equality! Such kids are the hope for a better future. Congratulations Bookosmia for giving them a platform. Kudos..

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