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Art with Sara#3- “Art is my stress buster,” says Ayaan Sonthalia ,9 years, Kolkata

Art with Sara young artist Ayaan Kolkata Bookosmia
Hello people, your friend Sara here. It is so lovely to see all the wonderful entries pouring in to my ‘Art with Sara’ section, where I publish the writings of young artists. They not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’
Art with Sara activities for kids by Ayan Kolkata
Here is 9 year old Ayaan Sonthalia  from Kolkata, talking about his choice of subjects and his reasons to take to art.
I like art because when I am drawing, I feel relaxed. It is a stress buster for me.
My favorite art is coloring with oil pastels.
I tried doodling and pen shading  because I wanted to try something different during the lockdown.
Art with Sara Activities Ayan Bookosmia
I chose bear pen shading because I love animals.  I have a collection of  miniatures of almost all animals.
Art with Sara activities for kids Ayan Kolkata
I also like doodling on serene subjects like Goddess Saraswati sitting on a Lotus.

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