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A Day In A Bubble | Bookosmia

A day in a bubble

One day when I woke up, I found myself in a bubble. That was a Sunday, early morning.


A day in a bubble


I tried to get out of my bed and found it difficult to get down without help. Somehow, I got out of my bed. I couldn’t brush my teeth. I called my sister to help me to open the door. My sister got really surprised and then she laughed at me.

After brushing my teeth, I had breakfast. Then I went outside to play with my sister and later I went shopping. There were a lot of problems when I went shopping.

I couldn’t manage to fit myself into my bicycle. To be honest the only thing which I could manage to do was swimming.

When I was in the pool I floated instead of sinking. I enjoyed moving on water but not getting wet.

A day in a bubble


When it was my lunchtime, I went home and ate my favorite food. After lunch I went back to play a board game with my sister. It was so much fun. In the evening I got ready to go out.

When I was outside, everyone started to stare at me because I was in a bubble. Then I went to watch a movie and got back home. Then I went to sleep. The next day I got ready for school by wearing uniform and mask.

When I was in the bus, my friends started touching my bubble covering and started asking me questions. When I reached my school it was so hard for me to wash my hands, check my temperature. Finally, I reached my classroom.

The first subject was math and we did some interesting math works. After my math class, I had grammar class before we went for recess. My teachers and my friends were asking about the bubble wrap.

The last subject was PE, we all lined up in the field where we do the PE practice. I ran as fast as I could but I kept on tripping and falling. Thanks to my bubble, I didn’t get hurt.

A day in a bubble


But suddenly I fell on a sharp stone and my bubble wrap broke then I came out of it.

And that was the end of a bubbly day with a bubble wrap!


A day in a bubble



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