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Let’s Bring Peace To The World | Bookosmia

Let’s bring peace to the world


Let’s bring peace to the world


Religion begins where knowledge ends,
It can both make or break friends…
There is only one religion,
Only there are hundred versions of it.

Pray to whatever God you want,
Just pray to the power, not to the picture!
It is the only thing that has divided us,
There are riots at stations and in the bus.

Until when will we fight for this?
God can’t bring the things that hardwork brings…
All gods are one
Why don’t we accept it and continue God’s plan!

I’m not asking you to stop practising your religion,
It’s my job to bring you together as a proud citizen.
Let’s try to bring peace to the world
So that the love among us may increase.


Let’s bring peace to the world



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