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How About A Day Without Internet? | Bookosmia

How about a day without Internet


We humans have the power to resist anything.
Whether it is an expensive watch or a diamond ring.
But, when it comes to communication lack,
We end up trying every possible hack.

Internet has made us its slave,
Life without it seems like being in a lonely cave.
People always want to chat,
Don’t even know life under a villager’s hat.

We are so much engrossed in our phone,
Around us, reality is unknown.
It’s time to discover the truth around,
Natural beauty and so many calming sounds.

Let’s take a pledge to celebrate a non-internet day,
Instead of being sad, let’s enjoy it the best possible way.
Our world has numerous beautiful things,
Now, we just need the bells of our mind to ring.


How about a day without Internet



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