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“Your search for a pet rabbit ends here”- Story

Pet Rabbit story for kids by kids with Sara Bookosmia

“If you are looking for a pet rabbit your search ends here,” said the caption on  my hutch in the pet shop. A beautiful girl named Sanaya came and saw my  other friends but she liked me more and so she bought me.


When we reached her home, I saw that she had built a pretty metal cage with  colourful wires. She put me in the cage and placed it on her side table in her  bedroom. At night she used to read out stories to me to put me to sleep.


She is very affectionate and always hugs me when she’s back from school. The day I was sick she missed her classes to take care of me. One evening she told me that we had to go for a party the next day. I was thrilled but also anxious on  hearing that. She made me wear a fleece jacket and took me for the party.


Sanaya’s friends had also got their rabbits and a bunny race was organized  there. I could not believe my eyes and ears when I was announced the race  winner. The next day , we went to a café where a cage show was arranged. All  the owners had to display their cages with their pets.


“The pet who is snowy, furry and has shimmery blue eyes, please come on  stage because you have won the competition for being in the most attractive  cage, ” said the lady on stage. It was an extremely joyous moment for both of  us.


We spent an excellent weekend winning competitions. I am really lucky to  have a protective owner and am really fond of her!


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