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The joy of being a student- Essay by12 year old Lakshita Dutt from Malawi, Africa

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As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Learning is indeed forever, but the main pleasure of learning is in our childhood days.

The main exhilaration of student life comes when we can sit and chat with our friends.  Also, the most joyful part of student life is having festivals  celebrated in our school, like International Day, Halloween, Diwali, Holi and many more. Celebrating these festivals as an International Board student was really fun.

As I recall the cherished moments of the pulchritudinous festivals, I also  remember how on Halloween my friends and I go trick or treating on our  neighbour’s door, and get some scrumptious sweets and chocolates. There is  numerous joy you can have as a student. Some of it might come from winning the head-teacher award in Year 6, or dancing in school in front of people.


Being a student also comes with various opportunities, like when I just started International Board, I must admit I was very shy. But because my teachers were a guiding light to me, I did accomplish to be confident in any situation life brings me to.

When I was young, I did not like being the favourite, neither did I like talking much, but my mom always used to comment, “You are good in  Bollywood dancing, so why don’t you dance in front of the whole school?”  Honestly, I thought that was an amazing idea, but I was not ready to perform in front of many people. That is when my music teacher came in and made me dance in front of the school saying, “It will be a good learning experience.”

I agreed to dance and made a big blast in the school. My friends who were  spectators cheered me the whole way throughout my performance. That is  just how I started gaining confidence.


I believe the most merrymaking part of my student life is field trips. Those are  the times when you can sit back and relax with your peers. I recollect how my  peers and I had two nights of all that. We were in dorms and chatting, relaxing   and also eating some pizza slices. Then we went to the wildlife park, where we saw some beautiful birds chirping, lions roaring and hyenas just sitting around and staring at us, while we walked by.

As a student, I also like lunch breaks, because they always tend to rejuvenate  my energy. This happens because my friends and I can do anything we want to, at that time and we play hilarious pranks on each other like putting rubber scary spiders in each other’s food. The most fun part of breaks indeed is playing nationalities game, as in my school there are students from 56 countries around the world, we play quizzes on each others country, which makes everyone learn something new about other countries.


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