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Word Activities with Sara #10 Idiom Story- How the extremely focused girls ‘hit the nail on the head.’

Idiom story with Sara by young writer Aadhya Mumbai Bookosmia

Hello friends, Sara here and I am back with an Idiom story. What is an idiom?  An idiom is a phrase which does not have the same meaning as its literal  meaning.

Idiom story with Sara by young writer Aadhya Mumbai BookosmiaToday I bring to you this exciting story that will showcase the usage for the idiom “Hit the nail on the head.” By 10 year old Aadhya Gupta of Little Readers Nook Mumbai.



There were two girls named Taffeta and Ava. They were selected for ‘A Minute To Win It,’ a challenge game which needs extreme amount of focus. They were so excited because if they win, they wanted their own dog as a prize from their parents. Their parents were happy for their 12 year old daughters and agreed saying, “You will have to take care of the dog.” At this moment everybody had started laughing. The parents were confident about their daughters passing the challenge. 


Taffeta and Ava had built a big tent where they would practice for the big day.  After a few days, it was time for the challenge. The first challenge for them  was to bounce a ping- pong ball into a glass. 


“Oh, I am so excited,”  said Ava. They had decided that Taffeta was going first. And what a round it was!  Taffeta had been victorious in her first try which added  11000 rupees to their prize money.


In the second round Ava had to pull a note out of two bottles, with one bottle below the note and the other bottle on top of the note. It was a hard challenge. Unfortunately in her first attempt, Ava could not do it. 


“Hit the nail right on the head Ava, you got this!” said Taffeta. Because of a wonderful and encouraging message from Taffeta, Ava got it right it in her second chance! 


In the last round, they had to play as a team and  balance a light book on their head and go to the finish line. They had a time limit of 60 seconds! They both were focused on ‘hitting the nail on the head.’

They were successful in winning 21,000 rupees! Their parents also got them a dog as promised. The girls took care of their cute pug properly and loved it very much.

Takeaway- When in a difficult situation, focus on reaching your target clear-cut.  In other words hitting the nail on the head and never give up.

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