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Read with Sara: A race to secure India’s top secret document

Read with Sara A race to secure India's top secret document book review Bookosmia

My friend Riddhi worked for the government. Once the minister gave her some very important and confidential documents. But she looked quite upset and tensed. When I asked her about it, she told me that she had to take the documents to Delhi to hand over to the Parliament but because of a death in the family, she also needed to head home immediately.

While we were thinking what to do, I got an idea. I told her that I will take the documents properly and give it safely to the Parliament House in Delhi. She
thought that I was a trustworthy friend and hence she thanked me for
helping her.


I went home and packed up the luggage, keeping the documents in the suitcase. Then I took a flight from Mumbai to Delhi. I took my suitcase from  baggage claim and headed out of the airport. I had booked a room in a hotel and headed there to rest for sometime.


When I opened my suitcase, I was shocked!  The documents were not there  and the suitcase was empty. I immediately went to the airport authorities to  complain that my suitcase has been exchanged. They checked in CCTV  camera footage and we came to know that the person who had taken my suitcase, was living near Red Fort.  I rushed towards her home as fast as  possible and asked her why she took my luggage. She told me that she had bought the same suitcase from Mumbai to gift it to her brother and that she had already given it to him. She gave me the address where her brother was living.


I quickly reached that address and told her brother the whole story and asked  him for the suitcase. Now he told me that he had given the suitcase to shoe- mendor because there was a dent in the suitcase. I headed immediately to the shoe-mender.


When I reached the shoe-mender and told him the whole story, he informed  me that a suitcase similar to mine was also there, which too had a dent. And by mistake he had given it to someone else. I was now quite worried about the
suitcase. After sometime I got an idea. I asked shoe-mender about the person who had taken my suitcase. “Do you remember his name?” I asked. Luckily he remembered his face. Then I called a good sketcher and he made the face according to shoe-mendor’s instructions.


After some investigation, I came to know he was an international spy sent by his country to steal the documents. I ran as fast as a Bugatti car and reached where the spy was about to open the documents and share it with his country.


I ran and tried to snatch the documents from him. But I was unable to do that. I saw matchsticks lying on a table nearby. I put the whole suitcase on fire. The spy grinned and said, “Its ok. I didnt get the documents but nor did you.”

I gave him a mysterious smile and told him that I was not a fool like him. “The suitcase contained only the Xerox and not the real copy. This whole plot was only to catch you red-handed.”

I had already given the original copy to the Parliament House safely. I was rewarded for my intelligence and bravery by the government.

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