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Read with Sara: Story- Franky, the ant carries on with life

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One day an ant was walking by a tree in the jungle. His name was Franky.  Suddenly Franky saw a big bucket full of poison. He saw it and said to himself, “Oh no, it’s poison! Thank God, it didn’t spread to our homes.”

After a few days, it was party time! All the ants were invited to Franky’s home.  After sometime, suddenly the bucket fell and the poison was spread all over. The ants did not realize that the bucket of poison had fallen down.  Franky was safe but his best friend was dead. Franky was very sad and went away from his

One day when Franky was collecting food in the jungle, he saw a beautiful  butterfly. He asked the butterfly, “Who are you?”

The butterfly said, “I am Tutu.” After a few days Franky and Tutu became very good friends. Franky was very happy again to find a new friend.

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