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Veer Seth

15 Years

53 Years

Delhi Public School


“Who would you give your heart to?” Poem by 15 year old Veer Seth from Kolkata

Come near the skies who wander afar,

Below and afraid,
Stands the mister with his gear.
He flocks amazed, he gazed no crave.
He thought too near, but saw the fear.


Skies were blue and scary as hue,
“You see what you do,”
Said a voice with no clue
“For near and apart,”
“Who do you give thy heart?”


The lonely man wondered,
and sighed,
for he ‘too, knew’
how to lie.


He said to impress,
And with a ghoulish smile,
He stood amidst the,
tree of paradise.


“I never know,
But I not so sure,
for there is to give,
but what’s to take?”
he questioned the cross.

Along the borders,
of Sky and torture,
the voice drifted and drizzled,
sunshine and vigor.


Now the voice too, soon,
Led the same believe,
That the thousands do heed,
“To whom you feel,
The world’s to be bestowed.”


The awkward man,
In his clumsy disguise,
were losing his wit,
which was always so bright.


He thought and thought,
Even though he did knew,
Finally, he replied,
“Then I would give it back
To me and feel of its
Gentle bliss into the unfulfilled soul
And Happiness and Affection,
May so always prosper.”


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