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‘MATH’ makes us sad| Poem | Bookosmia

An amusing poem on Math and what a mystery it is to too many, by a young writer, 13 year old Manvi Jain from Sushila Birla Girls School, Kolkata. Only at Bookosmia

Poem on Math by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia
A Poem on Math
Math is a mystery
But it is totally different from history,
The numbers are a mess
The marks we get are comparatively less.
People say, “You should just practice it”
However, solving any sum is arduous, you have to admit,
Though I don’t want to do math from all parts of my soul 
We have to note that in life, it plays a significant role.
Nobody knows when to multiply, when to add
But, one thing is common for all, the word ‘MATHS’ makes us sad,
Still, with ample practice, I might succeed
Then, I’ll be able to solve sums like Shakuntala Devi at lightning speed.

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