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Valistus International School Interaction | Blog by Aditi,17

Valistus International School invited our published writer Aditi, non-verbal and autism self-advocate to interact with kids on World Book Day.

aditi young writer at valintus school
I had an online interaction with the students of Valistus International as a part of the World Book and Copyright Day celebration, who got in touch with us after reading my latest book Small Stories Big Thoughts.
I presented as an author. The audience was students of grade 5 to 9 and teachers.
Valistus International School Aditi young writer
I logged in using zoom and at school they used their projector and mic connected to the laptop for the interaction. After sharing the pre-recorded video, I also answered some live questions, sharing my screen as I typed out on a document, answers to the questions asked. It was a very nice experience.
Aditi young writer interaction Valistus International School
The questions ranged from what is your writing process to which author inspired you to become an author to why do you give your time to the cause of autism. Here are some of my responses.
What is your  writing process?

I derive ideas from the world around me, people around me and spin slice of life tales. I believe they resonate because I have a very different perspective to the world . Of course, for some topics I also do my research.

Why do you write?

Technology gave voice to the imagination that I always possessed and the kind of feedback that I  received for my blogs just made me want to write more. It is my way of relating to you.

Which author inspired you?

Many actually but if I have to name one that will be Ruskin Bond. His works are lyrical and paint a vivid picture in my head.

Aditi young writer Valintus International School Bookosmia

Why do you give your time to the cause of autism?

Many different things but the biggest message is about the ‘never say die’ spirit that we possess and the fact that diversity is key to our very existence. I am autistic so also my lived experience.

autistic non verbal young writer kids bookosmia

This is what Valistus International School posted about my interaction-
As part of the World Book and Copyright Day celebrations, today we had an interaction with Ms. Aditi Sowmyanarayan, a 17-year-old neurodivergent author. Ms. Aditi’s depth of thought, her clear and concise responses to our learners’ questions and her never say die attitude was truly an inspiration to all those who participated. As a token of our appreciation, a potted plant and a voucher was gifted to Ms. Aditi. Valistus International School is deeply grateful to Ms. Aditi Sowmyanarayan for making time to interact with our learners. We wish Ms. Aditi great success in all her future endeavours

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