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Shivansh Goel

9 Years

Don Bosco School Liluah


A Witch’s Broom| Autobiography by Shivansh,9, Howrah

Do you find magical objects fascinating? 9-year-old Shivansh from Howrah writes an autobiographical origin story of the legendary witch’s broom.

witch broom fantasy story kids

The mystical wizard Damus Pontifex, 1000 years ago, took an acacia branch and put it in a cauldron. That is how he created me, the broom which would, later on, belong to his wife.

The place I was born in was Damus’ workplace in Rome, then the Roman Empire. He gave me to his wife, Anne Pontifex, for use. Being an acacia-tree broom, I was orange. The colour and appearance I had during my early days were spookily fantastic. Anne, my owner, travelled on me with her black cat, Decimus, casting spells and splashing potions onto criminals, who would be immobilized, caught and executed. After the execution, the criminals’ heads would be thrown into the Tiber River.

Once, two years before the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Anne’s rival, Nagus Sanerus, was going to kill Anne. That day, Anne whizzed and soared across the sky on me when Nagus struck lightning on me to try and vanquish Anne when I suddenly went to the right. Lightning from Nagus’ wand was about to strike me. The bolt of lightning missed me. Anne was very happy, so she swore to protect me. That was the most intense incident in my life. Anne still owns me, as no one stole me from her. She keeps me in pretty good condition. She has told me that since I am a broom, I’d live forever to tell the tale of my magical life.

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