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Unstoppable Us Review by Aditi, neurodivergent writer| Liked by Yuval Noah Harari

What a feeling to see the internationally celebrated historian and thinker Yuval Noah Harari like Aditi’s review of his book and let it appear on his instagram page ! Read on.

Unstoppable Us Yuval Noah Harari review by Aditi neurodiverse author Bookosmia

What a feeling to see the internationally celebrated historian and thinker, Yuval Noah Harari like our amazing Bookosmian Aditi’s review of his book and let it appear on his instagram page !


Have you ever wondered about what it took for us humans to become the ‘lord and master’ of the only known planet that is capable of fostering life ?

Especially considering that the Earth has been and continues to be home to species that are way larger than us humans in size and sheer physical might . Yet we humans have , over thousands of years of evolution , achieved a power so mighty that we can bring an end to the existence of some of the other life forms by just continuing to live the way we do!

Unstoppable Us book by historian Yuval Noah Harari
Unstoppable Us is a book that attempts to trace the evolution of humanity from the stone age wandering  nomad whose life was akin to animals in the wild to the present day human being who is on the apex of intellectual and social ladder . You might say that human intelligence is the differential factor , but the answer is not that simple – as you will understand when you read the book . After all, Neanderthals had larger brains than Homo Sapiens, yet Homo Sapiens were instrumental in driving Neanderthals to
extinction.  Then is it the ability of human beings to adapt to the natural environment and evolve  accordingly that has made the difference ? That is definitely not the complete truth – as validated by the extinction of the tiny Floresians, in whose extinction too the Homo Sapiens played a major role.

Could it be the fact that we humans live in groups ?  That again , does not explain the rise and rise of humanity in its entirety . After all , wolves hunt in packs, but are way below in the power pyramid.

This book beautifully explains the superpower that we Homo Sapiens posses. It is the ability to form a collective based on a story- an imagination, a belief, a concept that is abstract, but is the binding factor that holds all the members of the group together and motivates them to work towards a common goal. In short, it explains the fact that modern society has, over the years, evolved on the basis of imagination. This imagination can take the form of religion, value systems, family, corporations, money, economy,
government – and the list goes on. This story is a dynamic one- one that changes with time and  circumstances , paving the way for evolution. It is this story that binds us together and has given us the  power to become the undisputed ‘king’ of planet earth!

Immense power goes hand in hand with immense responsibility . Understanding the past is important in planning a way forward that does not result in the extinction of humanity itself! A must read- I would
recommend this book for all teenagers, for the change for a better tomorrow begins with us!


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