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Yuval Noah Harari’s Unstoppable Us | Book Review by Deeksha, 13, Chennai

13-year-old Deeksha from Chennai writes a book review on Unstoppable Us by Yuval Noah Harari and the insight into human history that it offers.

Unstoppable Us book by historian Yuval Noah Harari

Unstoppable Us: How Humans Take Over the World, from the Author of the bestselling book  Sapiens 

Yuval Noah Harari is the highly successful and renowned author of the books Sapiens and Homodeus and has written his first book for young readers. An incredible tale of how our forefathers conquered the world and ascended to power.

Unstoppable Us is the first volume, which talks about the evolution of humankind and how we drove human species and animals to extinction. It covers a vast array of subjects and quickly traverses human history. He skims through topics about where our ancestors lived and what they hunted and ate. Additionally, he talks about how humans had tools and fire but did not make any efforts to rule the world despite having these resources. We, as Sapiens, had gained an ability and rose to power while wiping out all the other human species.

This book has expressive and stunning illustrations, which make the book more interesting, along with Harari’s unique writing style, where he uses more punctuated writing to create a dramatic effect. These illustrations help the youngsters envisage how historical times were and how people lived. Harari has included multiple thought-provoking questions that leave the youngsters pondering. He has simplified
the information for the younger audience without dumbing it down, which will be helpful for children.


I would recommend this book for ages below 14 because I feel  like it is more for a younger audience. It is significant that children learn about how we revolutionized Earth and how much we evolved.

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