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Dream : A rocket to space | Poem by Praaptie,13, Bhubaneswar

Had an interesting dream? Tell us! 13-year-old Praaptie from Bhubaneswar shares her dream about space with us, in the poem.

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Dream : A rocket to space 


Last night, I had a dream so fascinating

A whimsical journey to an unknown land, so enchanting


I found myself in a rocket 

soaring high and high 

and I was waving my friends 

a happy goodbye


How wonderfully the planets would spin around the sun just like a spinning wheel 

I wish they would take me on a ride 

and so amazing I would feel


The aliens were my best mates, together we jumped on the moon

Oh ! Very less gravity it had

We all floated like balloons


I had a race with a comet

Oh, It’s even faster than a rail !

Hurray ! it stopped at once as I pulled it’s long tail 


As I moved further in the breezy silver night

I found something shaped like a racoon 

I moved bit closer 

Oh, it was the constellation around the glimmering moon


At the descending of night, all the stars returned to their home 

chilled to the marrow I wished someone would come


Across the dark canopy in the north appeared the blazing polestar

He guided me with directions all near and far


I wish I could bring the polestar home and keep it by my side

Whenever I lost my way, it would be my best guide


In the midst of my adventure

everything disappeared 

“Get ready for school!”

Oh! Suddenly my mom appeared. 


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