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Claire and the alien invasion | Story by Guru,9, London

What if you had the power to stop an alien invasion? Do read this excellent tale of bravery and confidence by 9-year-old Guru Kashyap from London. 

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Claire and the alien invasion


Once upon a time, in a small town, lived a girl named Claire. She was nicknamed “Clumsy Claire” by her friends as she tripped and fell everywhere she went. Claire, however, was very observant. Her lack of balance was made up for by her keen sense of observation.


One day, as Claire was resting in her room after a long day at school, she heard someone knock the door. Claire rushed to open it, hoping for once that, it was her friends inviting her to play. To her bitter disappointment, as she opened the door, she noticed that there was no one outside. Claire went back up to her room, disappointed, but just as she entered her room, she heard the sound again, this time only louder.


Mum and dad were busy building something in their garage. They were amazing at building things from scratch that would do all sorts of interesting stuff. Once they built a rocket from all sorts of scrap at home and it looked super real. Claire wanted to become a space scientist too but thought it wouldn’t be possible as she might end up tripping and falling on other planets too.


Claire rushed downstairs. She opened the door hastily. Suddenly, to her utter disbelief, she thought she saw some strange green creature that almost looked like an octopus with antennae and multiple evil eyes. It jumped out from behind the bush and ran to a small spaceship that flew away at top speed with the creature inside it.


Claire couldn’t believe her eyes. She noticed a small piece of paper on the floor. As she opened it, she realised it was a masterplan the aliens had made to capture earth. She recalled reading a book on “alien invasion” a while ago. The plan looked very similar to what Claire had seen there. The book was written by a professor who studied space and aliens named Dr. Ron.


Claire immediately knew what needed to be done. She ran down to her parent’s workshop. Mum and dad were not there but the rocket was still there. Claire opened the rocket’s door and went into it for the first time. She noticed a lot of buttons in there. She noticed a button named “Launch”. In a moment of panic, she pressed it. Suddenly the rocket came to life. All the buttons started glowing brightly. It looked exactly like what she had seen in one of Dr. Ron’s books.


Being very observant, Claire had noticed which buttons to press to get the rocket flying from Dr. Ron’s books. She pressed the right buttons and the rocket suddenly shot up into the sky from the garage. She also entered the coordinates of an alien planet she recalled from Dr. Ron’s book. She was startled and wanted to return home but wasn’t sure how to do this. In a few minutes, the rocket flew higher and higher and very soon she realised she was in space. It looked beautiful. Almost too beautiful to be true.


Claire was tired and fell asleep. After some time, she woke up and noticed the rocket getting closer to a planet. She recalled it was the same planet in Dr. Ron’s book. The terrain was parched dry and bright red. There were a few white sticks lying around that looked like bones. Claire was frightened. The rocket landed on the planet with a thud. Claire put on her space suit and space helmet and exited the rocket. She could see no one around. The planet looked completely deserted but for the bones on the floor. She walked around for a while. Then she remembered that the aliens in Dr. Ron’s book lived in micro caves. She knew they were small and almost hidden in the ground behind huge boulders.


She looked for the boulders and spotted them in the distance. She rushed in the direction of the boulder. When she got closer, she was amazed at how large the boulder was. It was gigantic and bright red. Behind the boulder, she noticed small openings, and knew instantly that they were the micro caves.


As she was peering inside one of them, she noticed something move. In an instant, a green slimy ghastly looking beast jumped out. It was the same alien she had seen outside her house. She immediately remembered the details from Dr. Ron’s book on how to incapacitate the alien. She had to pour water on him. Luckily she was carrying her water bottle inside her space suit. She took it out, opened the lid urgently and poured water on the alien. The alien appeared to choke and fall to the ground. His eyes were still moving but he couldn’t move his hands or legs.


Claire captured the alien successfully and took him back to earth. She knew where Dr. Ron lived, which was a few streets from her house. She took the alien to Dr. Ron’s house. Dr. Ron was super pleased with how Claire had recalled every single detail from his book and had used the information to successfully capture the alien. He assured Claire that he would take it from there. He said he was confident he will now be able to stop the alien invasion, which he had expected to happen for the past few years, all thanks to Clumsy Claire, who was after all not so Clumsy.


Claire came home, feeling proud of herself. She didn’t feel clumsy anymore as she knew what her super power was. Now her friends call her “Clever Claire”.

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