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Global warming : Everything you need to know| Essay by Ivan,10,Hyderabad

Why are we talking about Global Warming? 11-year-old Ivan from Hyderabad ponders in this thoughtful blog. 

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Have you ever looked outside your window during the monsoon season but instead of cool breeze felt the stifling heat? Or have you gone to a hill station searching for snow but instead saw brown and bare mountains? Did you notice that floods are now very frequent in all parts of the world? While some places of the world experience droughts, famines, and heatwaves, other places face floods, snowstorms, and avalanches. 


Have a peek at all animals starving due to their food sources disappearing and loss of their habitat. I feel sorry for them. I am sure that you might have read the reports that the glaciers in the North and South poles are melting. As per a study published by Climate.gov, ‘Earth’s temperature has risen by about 2°F in the last 120 years.’ 


So, how did global warming happen? Well, all of us use cars, fridges, and AC in our daily lives. All these machines emit Carbon Dioxide(C02). The Earth absorbs a huge amount of heat but very little heat is released back into space. The temperature on Earth therefore starts increasing and this in turn causes global warming. 


Most of the people believe that global warming is the unfortunate and inevitable future, but little do they realize that the so-called ‘future’ is our present! All the instances of the weather pattern change that I mentioned earlier? Well, if that is not global warming, then what is? 


So what can we do to save our planet? As an individual we should follow eco-friendly measures that our scientists have advised. We should follow the 3 Rs : Reduce, reuse, and recycle. It will save a lot of energy and produce less waste. We should use public transport instead of private vehicles as it produces less CO2. For short distances, we can also use a bike or we can take a walk. It will only help us, and the environment. 


As a society, people should come together and force the government to form new laws that are helpful for our planet. Not only that, we can also plant trees and prevent people from cutting them down for excess uses. Trees give us flowers, fruits, wood, shade, oxygen, and they absorb carbon dioxide.


We should also not litter which is adding to our pollution. We can carry out waste-collecting drives on beaches and use recycled materials in our day to day lives. Switching to renewable energy like solar energy and windmills will also help. Additionally, we should protect animals and trees, build more natural parks or reserves where animals are cared for and protected in natural surroundings. Lastly, we could make up posters regarding ‘Global warming’, spread awareness in urban communities and ask our friends and family to join in to help spread the word.


If you prevent global warming you prevent the chances of extinction! 


As said by the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, “The climate emergency is a race we are losing, but it is a race we can win.” 

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