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Jishnutha S.R.

12 Years

DAV Public School, NTPC- Kaniha, Angul Dist, Odisha

Kaniha, Odisha

A day in the life of Clothes Line Clip| Poem by Jishnutha, 12, Orissa

What if the clothes line clip in your house could talk? Jishnutha, a 12-year-old from Kaniha, Odisha pens a funny poem about it. 

clothes line poem kids bookosmia

This is not a story of a paper clip,

But a clothesline clip which would often trip.

Holding the clothes line tight, the baby tried to walk,

Unaware the clip could walk and loudly talk.


The astonishing thing started one stormy night,

When the clip was soaked and began to fret.

 “I am sick of this place! I want to move!”

“Then try!” said a morning dove.


The clip said, “I shouldn’t! That’s the law.”

The dove said, “Well that law certainly has a flaw.”

The clip thought, maybe the dove is right

And began pulling with all its might.


Faster and faster the wind blew,

The line was loose, I wish the clip knew

Plop ! It fell to the ground

And it started to bounce.


The dove flew away

The light broke the dark day

The clip danced joyfully

It’s heart opened happily

As it tasted freedom

In its own kingdom. 


It was the clip, the clip that walked

And don’t forget, it loudly talked !

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