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The Book Store- My Happy Place| Blog by 13 year old

What’s a sure shot pick-me-up for a dull day? 13 year old Radhika Nathany tells us about how she found hers.

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It was a rainy day and the weather depressed me. My mother suggested that I go to a bookstore to lighten up my mood. Since it was just opposite my house, on the other side of the street, my mother didn’t have to accompany me. It had just opened so this was the first time I was visiting it.

It was a quirky bookstore with an odd assortment of stuff. It had red brick walls, two comfortable looking couches, a wooden reading table, chairs and it also had a little café at one side!


Rows and rows of books covered the walls and near the ceiling were beautiful pieces of artwork. When I entered, a bell at the door announced my arrival.

As I looked around the store, I saw some customers browsing, reading and buying books. I saw one peaceful looking teenager curled up on one of the couches calmly reading. Some people were reading while others were drinking coffee. The store belonged to the Feltons who were bookworms just like me. There were no staff working and the store was run by the family.

I inhaled a deep breath and felt relaxed. I loved this comfortable looking bookstore. It had an eclectic range of books starting from mysteries to historic novels. There was a variety of fantasy, adventure, fiction and non-fiction books. I browsed through them hoping to come across a hidden gem. When I told what kind of books I liked reading, Mr. Felton said that I would enjoy the book that I had just found. It was called ‘Discovering the Past and Opening the New’. It was the first edition of an old book whose value had declined.

I loved the serene environment of the bookstore. That bookstore is one of the few places on earth which is quiet all day. After this visit I started visiting it every few days. The bookstore is now one of my few haunts.


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