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Colours are the smiles of nature| By 7 year old from Kolkata

Let’s start the day on a colourful note, courtesy 7 year old Shauurya Agarwal from Kolkata.

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Colours are the smiles of nature.

The world is filled with vivid colours like red, orange, yellow,green, black, white, purple and blue.

Each colour has a different emotion.

During the sunrise we see bright orange colour in the sky which motivates us to start our day.

The colourful birds in the sky helps me achieve my dreams.

The green grass and the blue river make me feel abundant.

My preferred colours are green and yellow. I feel fresh and vibrant around them.

When I visit a garden, I feel happy to see bright colourful flowers around me.

There are many multi-coloured things around the world.

Even the skin colour of people are different and beautiful in different parts of the world.

Festivals add more colours to our lives. We wear bright colour clothes to add to our joyous mood.

A world without colours will be dull and boring.

The world is like a rainbow with different colours.

Colours bring happiness and joy in our life.

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