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Math blues? Here are some tips | Blog by Dhruv, 10, Bangalore

Are Math problems a problem for you? 10-year-old Dhruv from Bangalore shares some tips to ace the subject.

Math - Loves me, loves me not

Do you like Math? I love it. Many students find it a hard subject, however it feels like a piece of cake for me. Since childhood, I’ve loved math because it’s all about simple calculations, and if you know the correct technique it is easy to understand. You just need to be thorough with your concepts.


Even though I say it is an easy subject, sometimes new topics are confusing.  After 2-3 weeks of concentration and practice, they become easy. Initially, fractions, decimals, and estimation were new and difficult for me, but gradually they became easy because of regular practice. 


I am learning simplification right now and am putting extra effort into it. The challenging part of simplification is the bracket formation—the DMAS bracket formation. 


Let me give you a problem. That is, [5*80-(10+5)}]; the answer to this question is 325. It took a lot of time for me to solve it, but finally, I did it.


Would you please check my answer and tell me whether it is correct or not?

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