Aarna Pandey

11 Years

Lancers International School


Thank you to my teacher | Poem by Aarna, 11, Gurgaon

As school re-opens, 11-year-old Aarna from Gurugram feels thankful for her wonderful teachers. What’s your message for them?

World Teachers Day - My teacher, my guide, my friend

A beautiful smile brightens up my day,

Because of the one 

who only has kind words to say,

Motivating words that echo around,

Inside the class and the playground.

Teacher, I can never thank you enough,

For standing beside me when the path is rough. 


When darkness engulfs me, and I hit the ground,

With distress and sadness all around,

My teacher becomes the beacon of light,

Telling me to stand up again and fight.

Reminding me to never give up in life,

As champions always rise and strive.


When concepts become confusing and tough,

The chapters filled up with tricky stuff,

Frustration encompasses my heart and mind,

I feel I am left far behind,

My teacher consoles me with inspiring words,

Words that sound as precious as pearls.


I am full of desire to do my best,

And, perform exceptionally in every test. 

For my teacher, my mentor who believes in me,

My abilities and capabilities that they always see,

My heart fills with gratitude each day,

Thank you teacher for showing me the right way. 

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