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UFO Theory – The Secret Aliens In The Jungle | Bookosmia

UFO theory - The secret aliens in the jungle

Truth and dare…know this game? I bet, yes.

Well, the day our story starts, a boy named David was playing just that with his friend, Jack.

“Hey! It was my turn to dare!” said Jack.

“Anyways, I dare you to go into the dark forest,” said David.


UFO theory - The secret aliens in the jungle


“Are you nuts? The dark forest is home to the ruins of the ‘You-know-what’ castle,” replied Jack.

“So what? I dare you to go into the forest! Or I’ll know you’ve chickened out.”

Jack did not want that so he reluctantly agreed. They started walking and David tripped and fell down. They looked down and saw that it was
an Unidentified-Flying-Object or a U.F.O or rather Identified-Flying-Objects or I.F.O as they had now detected it!


UFO theory - The secret aliens in the jungle


They pinched themselves to make sure that they were not in some sort of dream. But it was real. The U.F.O was a huge saucer-thingy with red and green lights glowing. They stepped in, petrified.

They realised that it was much bigger than they thought, much-much bigger. They were shocked beyond words


“Do you want to fly this bad boy?” asked Jack, a tiny bit scared. But they were also curious so they pressed buttons randomly and whoosh!


The U.F.O started hovering. They were experts in video games and knew how to use a gaming console. The U.F.O’s controls were just like the consoles they mastered.


But the jungle was full of trees. They kept bashing into them and just wanted it to stop. They pressed random buttons again and soon enough, it stopped. But now, they were lost. They were in the middle of nowhere, actually somewhere but they didn’t realise. They were in the ruins of the ‘You-Know-What’ castle.


UFO theory - The secret aliens in the jungle


As soon as they entered, they saw an alien. It was green with a huge head, shiny black eyes and a very long and thin neck. They tried to escape but they couldn’t as they were now stuck in the aliens’ traps. They were taken to a room that looked like a scientist’s lab.


“I think they’ll experiment on us,” whispered Jack. They were kept in a cage and the aliens were mixing potions together. They bought a deadly looking liquid towards them.


UFO theory - The secret aliens in the jungle


What will happen to them? Would they be able to escape or not? I know what happened. Do you want to guess and write your version?



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