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Stranger Things- The last astronaut versus aliens


Stranger Things- The last astronaut versus aliens


I was an astronaut preparing to go for a space mission to Mars. As my rocket took off, through the window of my rocket, I could see that it suddenly started to rain, the ground also started to dry up and grow into these strange weeds that were white, blue and green!


They were slimy at first and then grew into an irregular shaped plant. These strange weeds soon started to spread like wildfire! I tried to contact my space station to warn them but I could not connect to them.


I could only observe this much as the Earth had already shrunk in the distance. I was extremely scared. My heart was thumping. Where did these strange weeds come from? How would I contact my space station in space? What would happen to everyone on earth?


I took a deep breath, tried hard to forget about everything and decided to go on with my mission. I was very surprised that I decided to go on with my mission.


When I returned after two years, I was surprised to see that there was no crowd waiting for me, celebrating my return.


All I saw were signs saying “Beware, Entrapea containment zone.” Entrapea?! What was Entrapea! I figured it was something related to the weeds. Maybe the name.


Stranger Things- The last astronaut versus aliens


After a few years of journeying far and wide I learnt that I was the only living being left on Earth, and I had come to a conclusion that everyone had been kidnapped by the weeds.


So you can imagine my surprise, one morning, when I heard a knock on my front door. I just ignored it, thinking it was the wind. I lived in the same house I used to live in before the Entrapea. Now whoever was knocking on my door became impatient and started thumping. I quickly ran out from my back door, and grabbed a bat.


I slowly opened the door and to my surprise it was someone who looked like a human and a genie! She wore a blue outfit, her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was decorated all over with golden jewellery. I asked her in a bold voice, “Who are you, where did you come from?”


She replied, “I am Namari, I have come from Mercury. The weed Entrapea had come to my planet and took everyone there as well, I was the only survivor. A few months ago I found my magical research device and got to know that the same thing happened to you as well, and so I journeyed to find you.”


I shakily asked her if there is civilisation on mercury as well. She said yes and asked I would like to live on the same planet as her. “Sure,” I said.


Soon we became very close friends, we lived on earth and plotted many plans on how to find everyone else.


Stranger Things- The last astronaut versus aliens


One day I thought to myself, the Entrapea must have come from a planet as well. I shared my thought with Namari and she said that’s a good point. Namari had got a better view of it and she said it didn’t look like a plant as it also changed its form to look like an alien.


We plotted and planned for days and we finally came to a conclusion that the Entrapea had come from Jupiter. We built a rocket that would take us all the way to Jupiter.


Soon we reached Jupiter. We couldn’t believe our eyes. The planet was crawling with Entrapea all over. We quickly took out a magic potion we both invented that would stop the Entrapea and put it in a water gun and started shooting.


After victoriously defeating all the Entrapea weeds except one who seemed to know a lot about this invasion on Earth and Mercury, we asked this weed where they had taken everyone.


He said that the Entrapea had to create underground civilisation, to hide from the aliens that were attacking them. But for that they needed human slaves. He led us to all the people, families, friends whom we had lost.


Stranger Things- The last astronaut versus aliens


Everyone was overjoyed to see each other after 20 years! I could have never been happier!







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