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The Great War : Humans versus Aliens| Story by Aditeyo, 9 year, Kolkata

Humans versus aliens. Who wins? Read this riveting story by 9 year old Aditeyo from Kolkata to go forward a 1000 years!

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As 1000 years passed, humanity evolved into Type 2 on the Kardashev Scale. The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy it is able to use.

A great misfortune took place on our kind. Our story starts on the 22nd of October 3020. A boy named Atlas was born artificially. Atlas was a nice lad. He was an ace in all subjects but, his favourite interest was space. That is why, he was taken on a ride to the NASA space centre. He was fascinated with the black holes, stars, and the history of the universe. Later that week, he set up a planetarium at home and played with it. Years passed by. When he was 30 years old, he got a job at the Space X as a co-pilot.

One day the scanners at the SpaceX detected something horrific. The leader said, “A convoy of aliens is traveling towards the entire solar system and they were striking all the planets of the solar system. Their plan appears to be universe domination.”

“They have the technology which can make wormholes from universe to universe,” the leader added further. “We need to stop them at any cost,” the leader warned. Atlas asked “How will we do that?” The leader ordered, “You and the other astronauts will go in the Multi Terminator to stop the convoy and save the solar system.”

Atlas and the captain said, “Roger that.”

Their journey was planned on the 30th of November 3051. When the big day came, they were at the launch station at T – 1 hour. The MT(Multi Terminator) had to go fast. So, the company decided to engineer it in such a way, that it could travel at 32,000,000 Kmph and zip between several galaxies in half an hour of the earth time. Atlas took off zipping into the vacuum in no time and they started with the Sun. They tracked the spaceship and hit it with Mach 38 ultrasonic speed missile and the Sun was saved.

Next they eliminated colonies on Mercury, Venus, Earth, and so on until they navigated to another star system and then another. However, Kepler 452b was quite tricky as there was too much war between our kind and extra-terrestrial beings. Then they cleared all the galaxy but the one boss galaxy where the aliens lived.

Atlas charged through with the ship’s battering ram and used the even faster Mach 50 sega sonic planet cluster eliminator. Then they eradicated the entire alien existence in 1 earthday. In the end, they had just enough fuel to get back home.

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