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The day the aliens attacked earth

On a fine pleasant morning, there was a bad news.

The satellites of I.S.R.O. were predicting that an asteroid may hit Earth in the near future. There was no effect on the astronauts; they were still sitting, chilling and waiting as they thought the asteroid will come near and they will change its direction.

But one month later, the asteroid destroyed Mars and hit 50% of Earth. Due to the power and size of the asteroid, all of the artificial satellites got destroyed.


The day the aliens attacked earth



When the asteroid crashed Earth, a very huge hole was formed on the African Plateau. Scientists from all around the world came to investigate if there was anything on the surface where the asteroid hit. They found nothing, they couldn’t even find the place from where that asteroid came.

Then the most dangerous thing happened which was the opening of ozone layer and entering of aliens in to the Earth. Yes, this all was the plan of aliens! They sent that asteroid, destroyed Mars, left, waited outside for the Ozone layer to be opened and their spaceship had entered.


The day the aliens attacked earth


Many tiny people landed from the spaceship and soon became bigger as big as a human. They all were almost like Lord Hanuman as anytime they could turn into the size of an ant and anytime they could become tall as a mountain.

The aliens told what happened and why they did that. They told the Africans that they created a deep crater as they wanted all the diamonds to use as fuel in their machines. The Aliens pleaded that they should give those diamonds because they exhausted all the diamonds in all the planets present in the universe.


The day the aliens attacked earth


But the humans refused them and instead of giving them, they became rude to aliens. Now the aliens got angry and threatened that if they wouldn’t give those diamonds they would start a war and in the war, if they lost then the aliens would rule the whole planet. The aliens gave the humans three days to be prepared for the war.

For this war humans from all nations came together and they named themselves ‘The mighty earthians’. There were in total 10 billion people in this Earthian army. On the other hand, the alien army consisted of 10 people.

Three days later, the battle started with all of the Earthians camouflaged in the grass but aliens were having X-Ray glasses which helped them see where the opposition army was hiding. The Earthians shot the aliens but there was no damage. Earthians were afraid now. Then one alien shot them and half of the opposition army fainted. Earthians surrendered and gave aliens those diamonds. Aliens now ruled our planet.

The day the aliens attacked earth



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  1. Well conceived thought n v nice creation by a v young author, actor , academic scholar n what not, a true all rounder, keep it up Raghav..शाबाश

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