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Nature Drawings – The Magic Of Imagination | Bookosmia

Nature drawings - The magic of imagination

Sara's Art activities for kids Bokoosmia

Hey everyone, your pal  Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section for kids.

Here I publish the works of young artists who share their beautiful work and their passion for artwork in form of a write-up!


Art by ShambhaviI love to admire the art work of my friends and read the interesting reasons why they chose to do them. Here is one such fascinating collection of art and messages by 7 year old Bookosmian, Shambhavi from Bangalore. Send me yours!





I imagine a world where cars are flying, colourful trees, flying fish, purple sun and orange clouds. I imagine a world filled with my own choice of colours where everything is clean and magical.


Nature drawings - The magic of imagination


This art is my imagination of the magical secrets of the ocean.  I have used watercolours and oil pastels to create this effect.

The magic of underwater has always attracted me. I sometimes imagine myself diving into deep water and watching it all myself. I dream of colourful corals, fishes, octopus and many different type of creatures.

In this painting I have tired to imagine and create the underwater world scene.


Nature drawings - The magic of imagination


This art work is inspired by the beauty of nature which is filled with so many colours.

I collected all these nature elements and have created a colorful landscape to celebrate colours scattered all around us on our earth.

Nature drawings - The magic of imagination




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